This page contains an overview of my current and past teaching assignments.

Current courses

Research methods I

Research methods I (Onderzoeksmethoden en -Technieken I) is a course taught to first-year bachelor students in Psychology. The course focuses on psychometrics and psychological tests. Students learn what psychological tests entail, how they are used, and what the characteristics of good psychological tests are (e.g., reliability, construct validity, item-response theory).

Course details:

  • Period: 2nd semester
  • Group: 1st bachelor students Psychology (around 250 students)
  • Since 2013 ’till now
  • Material: syllabus + slides

Research methods II

Research methods II (Onderzoeksmethoden en -technieken II) is a course taught to second-year bachelor students in Psychology. The course focuses on the process of conducting research in psychology. Students learn how to formulate research questions, select a sample, design surveys and experiments, perform qualitative research, conduct ethical research, and report research findings.

Course details:

  • Period: 2nd semester
  • Group: 2nd year bachelor students Psychology (around 150 students)
  • Since 2013 ’till now
  • Materials: handbook (Research Methods in Psychology: Evaluating a World of Information by Beth Mohrling) + slides

Introduction to R

This course offers an introduction to the statistical program R for PhD students. We cover basic topics such as importing data into R, manipulating data, correlations, t-tests, making figures (with the “ggplot2” package), regression analysis, and one-way ANOVA.

Course details:

  • Period: 2-day workshop offered 1-2 times per year at the VUB
  • Group: PhD students (around 12)
  • Since 2011 ’till now
  • Materials: slides

Past courses

  • Supervising practical assignment for the course “Praktijkonderzoek organisatiepsychologie” (docent: Prof. Dr. Roland Pepermans), 2010-2011
  • Guest lectures on “Psychological contracts” in various courses (e.g., Arbeids- en Organisatie Psychologie – docent: Prof. Dr. Sara De Gieter), 2010-2013
  • Guest lecture on “Personality of entrepreneurs” in course on Entrepreneurship (docent: Marc Goldchstein), 2008-2009